As Living Values Education enters its 20th year, our heart is full of the wonder of this gift to our world that is brought to life through the dedication of our Focal Points, Associates, IAC members, Trainers, the Board and mainly, and most significantly, yourselves.

Living Values Education has grown with love from the heart and continues to do with such a spirit of altruistic volunteerism. Thank you to you all and may this year be a year of true celebration of the richness and diversity of our cultures and shared values.

Someday, there is a boy was walking with his mum out of a supermarket with a basket of food and some simple toys. It had been raining and a rainbow lit up the dark sky. What did he say that touched my heart? ‘Mum’, he said, ‘can we go to the end of the rainbow to seek the treasure that is there?’

Living Values Education is like a rainbow of colours all leading to the treasure of shared values at the end of the rainbow. The colours come in many forms from every culture, belief system, tradition and wisdom across the world and bring hope to us all.

Living Values Education is an experiential values education program for children, young adults, parents, and children-affected-by-war. An effective character development program, it builds positive emotional and social skills for peace, including conflict resolution and tolerance.

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