LVE professional development workshops are highly recommended for educators who wish to help young people optimally explore and develop values. Join us to:
reflect on the purpose of education;
reflect on the role values play in your life and in the world;
understand the LVE Approach and process of developing values;
learn skills to create a values-based atmosphere; and
explore how to optimally facilitate the process of young people exploring and developing values.

LVE has a cadre of trainers on every continent. They are a unique group of people – professional educators who are dedicated to helping young people grow toward their potential in safe, caring, quality learning environments and committed to “living the values.” LVE trainers volunteer their time to promote the understanding of values education and to help others explore the underpinnings of, and the skills to develop, a values-based atmosphere. Part of LVE educator excellence is viewed as modeling the values, respecting student opinions, and empowering children and young adults to enjoy learning and implementing values.

There are a variety of LVE professional development workshops and seminars around the world. LVE Training is recommended in order to implement the program most effectively – and help children and youth, and ourselves, move toward “living values”.


  • Training – Living Values Education
  • Training – Living Values Education
  • See more at LIVINGVALUES.NET

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